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Public Affairs
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An effective public affairs strategy favorably influences how your company is perceived by and engages with public audiences, such as government decision-makers, influencers and opinion leaders, media elites, academia, profit and non-profit organizations, customers, and the public more broadly.

Importantly, all levels of government – national, state, local, and international – can impact your organization's ability to operate and thrive through legislation, regulation, and enforcement actions.


New Lantern Partners has extensive experience working with government leaders, including Congress, the Executive Branch, governors, state attorneys general, mayors, as well as foreign government officials. Our expertise is derived from the first-hand knowledge of serving in senior government positions and managing effectively through crises.


New Lantern can augment and partner with your in-house team to craft winning government affairs and public affairs engagement strategies with the pertinent audiences, and fully assist in the execution of these strategies. We can also advise your company on how to successfully navigate the ever-changing political landscape, and provide expert counsel on responsible compliance and governance programs.


Ultimately, well-planned and executed public affairs activities can serve to advance the company’s business and reputational goals.

Specific Public Affairs services include:

  • Government relations strategy

  • Lobbying and advocacy

  • Legislative, regulatory, and policy counsel

  • Political strategy and engagement

  • Communication strategy, training, and crisis response

  • Partner introduction and development

  • Third-party engagement and coalition-building

  • Compliance and governance

  • Public sector business development

  • Trust and reputation building

We can also advise your company on how to design, re-design, and/or build out high-performing public affairs and government affairs corporate functions, and best practice collaboration strategies across all functions.

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