business innovation

The most valuable asset of any company or organization is in the form of human capital -- its employees. Yet, many companies fail to fully cultivate the talent and creativity of their own workforce.


Corporations are generally left-brain entities – analytical, logical and sequential. Creativity, innovation, and leadership should be nurtured in every business and function across the organization. However, it requires the appropriate right-brain stimulus, an effective use of the latest technologies and tools, and culture-enhancing programs that celebrate and capitalize on highly diverse teams.


In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, you need to know that your company is effectively mining, enriching, training, and retaining your employee talent.


Our approach is based on tested methods and success achieved in high-stakes corporate settings. New Lantern Partners is comprised of professionals with extensive experience from premier global corporate brands and management consulting firms in the fields of people and talent management, performance incentive plans, diversity programs, business development, and change management.


Our New Lantern team is also expert at providing startup and early-stage companies with superb business and talent strategy assistance, including introductions to top candidates for Boards of Directors and senior corporate positions, and helping build out highly effective corporate functions.

Specific Business Innovation services include:


  • Change management

  • Leadership training

  • Executive coaching

  • Media and public speaking training

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training

  • Supplier diversity

  • Talent development

  • Introduction to top talent, partners, and investors

  • Business development

  • Incentive and retention program design

  • Corporate function development

  • Social media and website strategy