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Philanthropy volunteer work

Corporate philanthropy is defined as the voluntary investments and activities a company takes on to manage the impacts it has on society. Often, philanthropy is a core component of corporate social responsibility and public affairs strategies, and together, they are key contributors to a company’s “social license to operate” in a local community.

Increasingly, consumers expect companies to be good corporate citizens. The vast majority (84%) of consumers say it is important to them that a company supports charitable causes, and 73% of Americans consider a company’s charitable work when making a purchase.

The most respected corporate philanthropy efforts distinguish companies from their competitors. Done well, corporate philanthropy contributes to the bottom line, your company image and reputation. It can play a key role in helping your business demonstrate its values, mission and brand; contribute to employee recruiting, retention and morale; and serve as a platform for storytelling to demonstrate the value of the business in addition to its products or services.

We leverage decades of high-value expertise working in philanthropy, communities, nonprofit organizations, the private and public sector to help you build a new plan or update existing strategies and goals  – all aimed at creating meaningful impact for the community and your company.

We can also provide high value assistance to 501(c)(3) organizations with introductions to potential corporate partners and/or financial supporters; message development and engagement strategies that resonate with target audiences; and government affairs and grant funding services at the federal and state levels.

Specific Philanthropy services include:


  • Corporate philanthropy program design and strategy

  • Community-based engagement

  • National and international strategies

  • Partner introduction and development

  • Employee engagement

  • Trust and reputation building

  • 501(c)(3) advisory, partner, and donor building services


 We can also advise your company on how to design, re-design, and/or build out high-performing corporate philanthropy functions, and best practice collaboration strategies across all functions.

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