corporate social responsibility

A company’s public affairs, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy functions must be closely coordinated. Effective CSR and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) programs, should serve to advance the company’s trust and reputation with the public, customers, decision-makers and influencers. However, such programs can only do so if the CSR activities are truly serious, genuine, and persistent.

CSR activities must also be responsive in meeting the moment. For example, many companies have struggled recently on how best to respond to the challenges engulfing the country brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice.

Ultimately, successful CSR programs should have national and potentially global relevance -- but most importantly, they should have meaningful local impact.

A company should also look for opportunities to collaborate with both traditional and non-traditional partners on its CSR activities. This serves to build new alliances and a broader base of support and mindshare.

Meaningful CSR programs also serve to motivate and inspire your employees – increasing business results, improving morale, and reducing bad attrition.


New Lantern Partners has extensive experience in developing, driving, and leveraging corporate social responsibility and reputational programs that serve to positively influence both societal and business objectives.

Specific Corporate Social Responsibility services include:


  • Corporate CSR and ESG program design and strategy

  • Community-based engagement

  • Diversity program design and strategy

  • National and international program design

  • Partner introduction and development

  • Employee engagement

  • Trust and reputation building


We can also advise your company on how to design, re-design, and/or build out highly effective corporate affairs and CSR functions, and best practice collaboration strategies across functions.