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New Lantern Partners is a consultancy firm that can assist your company in achieving higher levels of business and social impact through proven public affairs, CSR, philanthropy, and business innovation strategies. The firm’s founders and partners bring together skills honed through experiences gained in senior positions at some of the world’s most respected corporate brands in technology, energy, finance, media, hospitality, management consulting, government relations, and communication. In short, our counsel is guided by informed perspectives.

At New Lantern Partners we also practice what we preach. We strongly believe in a give-back mindset, and support a number of transformative causes, including arts education, STEM education, honoring our veterans, racial equity, and rural prosperity.

Now more than ever, companies need to be seen as good citizens and trusted neighbors within the communities they operate and serve. Doing so will not only be good for business, it's the right thing to do.

Working together, we can help your company find a better path forward.

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New Lantern Partners is a founding member of the global Poligage Expert Network, which launched in May 2020.


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New Lantern Partners can help your company or organization reach higher levels of impact as you seek to address any number of the following questions:


  • Is your company or organization on the right path when it comes to how you are viewed by the public, customers, government decision-makers, and other influencers?

  • Are you seen as a trusted and respected partner within the local, national, and global communities in which you do business or engage?

  • Is your company thoughtfully responding to recent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice?

  • Are you effectively engaging all levels of government in a responsible way to increase business opportunities, while reducing risk to shareholders?

  • Are you a start-up or young company seeking to build out its corporate affairs, public affairs, government affairs, CSR, or philanthropy function, or are you a mature company looking for fresh-thinking and greater impact?

  • Does the quality of your corporate reputation measure up to the quality of your company’s products or services?

  • Are you getting the full value of your employee talents?

  • Does your corporate culture add both to your company’s bottom line and to the communities in which you serve?

public affairs
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An effective public affairs strategy favorably influences how your company is perceived by and engages with public audiences, such as government decision-makers, influencers and opinion leaders, media elites, academia, profit and non-profit organizations, customers, and the public more broadly.

This is critical as all levels of government – national, state, local, and international – can impact your organization's ability to operate and thrive through legislation, regulation, and enforcement actions.


New Lantern Partners has extensive experience working with government leaders, including Congress, the Executive Branch, governors, state attorneys general, mayors, as well as foreign government officials. Our expertise is derived from the first-hand knowledge of serving in senior government positions and managing effectively through crises.


New Lantern can augment and partner with your in-house team to craft winning government affairs and public affairs engagement strategies with the pertinent audiences, and fully assist in the execution of these strategies. We can also advise your company on effectively navigating the ever-changing political landscape, while providing expert counsel on responsible compliance and governance programs.


Ultimately, well-planned and executed public affairs activities can serve to advance the company’s business and reputational goals.

corporate social responsibility

A company’s public affairs, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropy functions must be closely coordinated. Effective CSR or ESG (environmental, social, and governance) programs, should serve to advance the company’s trust and reputation with the public, customers, decision-makers and influencers. However, such programs can only do so if the CSR activities are truly serious, genuine, and persistent.

CSR activities must also be responsive in meeting the moment. For example, many companies have struggled recently on how best to respond to the challenges engulfing the country brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice.

Ultimately, successful CSR programs should have national and potentially global relevance -- but most importantly, they should have meaningful local impact.

A company should also look for opportunities to collaborate with both traditional and non-traditional partners on its CSR activities. This serves to build new alliances and a broader base of support and mindshare.

Meaningful CSR programs also serve to motivate and inspire your employees – increasing business results, improving morale, and reducing bad attrition.


New Lantern Partners has extensive experience in developing, driving, and leveraging corporate social responsibility and reputational programs that serve to positively influence both societal and business objectives.


Corporate philanthropy is defined as the voluntary investments and activities a company takes on to manage the impacts it has on society. Often, philanthropy is a core component of corporate social responsibility and public affairs strategies, and together, they are key contributors to a company’s “social license to operate” in a local community.

Increasingly, consumers expect companies to be good corporate citizens. The vast majority (84%) of consumers say it is important to them that a company supports charitable causes, and 73% of Americans consider a company’s charitable work when making a purchase.

The most respected corporate philanthropy efforts distinguish companies from their competitors. Done well, corporate philanthropy contributes to the bottom line, your company image and reputation. It can play a key role in helping your business demonstrate its values, mission and brand; contribute to employee recruiting, retention and morale; and serve as a platform for storytelling to demonstrate the value of the business in addition to its products or services.

We leverage decades of high-value expertise working in philanthropy, communities, nonprofit organizations, the private and public sector to help you build a new plan or update existing strategies and goals  – all aimed at creating meaningful impact for the community and your company.

business innovation

The most valuable asset of any company or organization is in the form of human capital -- its employees. Yet, many companies fail to fully cultivate the talent and creativity of their own workforce.


Corporations are generally left-brain entities – analytical, logical and sequential. Creativity, innovation, and leadership should be nurtured in every business and function across the organization. However, it requires the appropriate right-brain stimulus, an effective use of the latest technologies and tools, and culture-enhancing programs that celebrate and capitalize on highly diverse teams.


In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, you need to know that your company is effectively mining, enriching, and retaining your employee talent.


Our approach is based on tested methods and success achieved in high-stakes corporate settings. New Lantern Partners is comprised of professionals with extensive experience from premier global corporate brands and management consulting firms in the fields of people and talent management, performance incentive plans, diversity programs, business development, and change management.


Using innovative techniques, New Lantern helps companies successfully mine and develop talent that already exists within their own workforce to create a corporate culture and mindset that will lead to new heights.

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